Wednesday, April 10, 2013

some blogs with free (or low cost) cut files

I know some people have MTC or SCAL or other versions to use on cutting machines and there are a few sites that I have found that offer free cutting files or at a very reasonable price and also at times there are links to other sites on these blogs for more cut files.  Penny Duncan Creations has cut files offered for free for a limited time and then she puts them in her Etsy store at a very low cost and these are wonderful files that I have used and they cut beautifully. Birds Cards has some wonderful and intricate files on her site. Imagesbyheatherm also has free cut files which cut great and recently Snoopys Homemade Fun site had a free cut file which I haven't tried out yet but plan to soon. I have also used files from Cardiology Concepts which cut wonderfully.  I know there are several other sites out there that have free files also and at times when most people are being more cost conscious (and would rather use their crafting money for other "needed" items) free and/or low price is always a wonderful thing!  I want to thank all you ladies for taking so much of your time to create these beautiful files and for sharing them with the rest of us who need and use them!!  I wish I knew how to create cut files to share but I have very limited knowledge of this stuff and admire and appreciate those of you who do know how.

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  1. Thanks for highlighting my blog, Lenoria. You're such a sweetie! I wanted to check out the other blogs you highlighted but the links do not seem to be working. = (

    Snoopy :D