Thursday, December 16, 2010

cold day

I got the snow I wished for so the grandkids could go sledding, build a snowman, and fix some snowcream - and then some!  Last night we got sleet, freezing rain, and supposedly rain but our sidewalk is still frozen over from the sleet and freezing rain and our driveway is so icy that Marc just called and when he went out this morning he said it was so slick it was a good thing nothing was coming down 139 because he could not get stopped at the bottom of the driveway and when he tried to get back home about an hour ago it was so slick he could not make it up the driveway.  He had a meeting later this afternoon in Sevierville so he went on into town and is trying to find something to kill some time.  I love the snow but I hate the cold that comes with it!  It was only down to 11 degrees last night but with the wind it is cold enough and a lot of people are out of power because the freezing rain caused trees to fall down across power lines and in some cases the power lines themselves were so heavy from the ice they were coming loose from the power boxes.  We do have power and since I am at home I am warm and we have food, so I consider myself very fortunate.