Thursday, December 16, 2010

cold day

I got the snow I wished for so the grandkids could go sledding, build a snowman, and fix some snowcream - and then some!  Last night we got sleet, freezing rain, and supposedly rain but our sidewalk is still frozen over from the sleet and freezing rain and our driveway is so icy that Marc just called and when he went out this morning he said it was so slick it was a good thing nothing was coming down 139 because he could not get stopped at the bottom of the driveway and when he tried to get back home about an hour ago it was so slick he could not make it up the driveway.  He had a meeting later this afternoon in Sevierville so he went on into town and is trying to find something to kill some time.  I love the snow but I hate the cold that comes with it!  It was only down to 11 degrees last night but with the wind it is cold enough and a lot of people are out of power because the freezing rain caused trees to fall down across power lines and in some cases the power lines themselves were so heavy from the ice they were coming loose from the power boxes.  We do have power and since I am at home I am warm and we have food, so I consider myself very fortunate.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

more sparkly Christmas cards

I wish the sparkle would show up on these.  All but the House Mouse card have glitter all over the front of them and I absolutely love it!  These are so very simple to make yet they have tremendous impact.  They are simply ran thru a Xyron machine upside down to put glitter on the front of them and the excess brushed off and the rest mashed down into the glue to help seal it in - and that's about it.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Dean's Anniversary Card

The sparkle surrounding the picture doesn't show up in this picture, but it is definitely there.  I hope Dean and Sandra like it.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Such a beautiful day

It has been such a beautiful day today.  The temperature was about 79 and a slight breeze and it was an absolutely perfect day to be outside.  The sunset tonight was so glorious!  It was golden and orange streaks across the sky which were glowing - and of course I was in Pigeon Forge with no camera with me!  I had taken Angel to Pigeon Forge to get some different socks for "crazy sock and hat" day at school Monday.  She is such a little stinker and she is growing up way to fast.  When Blair got married and moved out and Christopher was only here occasionally Angel came into my office one day and propped her little chin up on my chair arm and announced "Nana, I'm going to live with you because you don't have any children here now and you need a child", and she has pretty well been here since!  She goes to her Dad's a few days thru the week and she is here the rest of the time.  Her Mom just lives up the hill from me and she goes up there to visit and check things out but comes back down here within an hour or two - she sometimes brings her two younger sisters with her and sometimes not.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Melanie's BD card 2010

This is a card for Melanie's BD 2010 using CatandMouse from Karen's Doodles.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Mary, Joseph, & Baby Jesus

This is a Stampendous stamp I got off ebay and I love the nativity scene.  I was just playing around with this to see if I could get something looking like a watermark to show on the card - and there has to be a simplier way that what I did!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

My husband in his Mossy Oak vest and black cowboy hat

This was at Heather's wedding.  Marc with his Mom, Melba.

Christmas Card using SCAL file and Just Rite stamp



Penny, this is a card using one of your SCAL snowflake covered with Stickles.  Thank you!

Thank you cards and my first Christmas card post

A thank you card for the surgery @ the hospital for taking care of Amiti and all of us when she had her gallbladder taken out.

Christmas card using Just Rite stamps and a SCAL file from Penny Duncan for the snowflake covered with Stickles for the sparkle.

Second view of Christmas Card

Another card for the surgery department or surgeon's office which operated on Amiti.

A thank you card for Marge in the cafeteria who paid for breakfast for Stephanie, Daniel, Marc, and myself the morning Amiti had her gallbladder out.  She was so sweet to do that I thought a card was the least I could do.

An upright view of the thank you card.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cards for family reunion

I made several cards for a door prize for our family reunion on 9/12/2010 but did not take any pictures of them!  I made one using a snowflake pattern from Penny Duncan with a Just Rite snowman on top and it turned out wonderful!  I am going to try to make another one with the snowflake and a picture on top and hopefully get pictures and post them.  If you read this post, thanks Penny for the wonderful patterns and it makes life so much easier when I need something like that for my cards.

Just life stuff

It has been a busy week.  Amiti got her gallbladder removed Thursday morning, 09/16/2010 and Friday Marc and I had to go to SC for Heather's wedding rehearsal and her wedding on Saturday and then back home Saturday night.  The wedding was very cute and was based on a western theme.  The bridesmaid dresses were made with Mossy Oak camo cloth with a teal blue sash and the groom and groomsmen all wore Mossy Oak vests with jeans, cowboy boots, and hats.  The groom and best man came riding in on horseback.  It was very different but was very pretty. 

Monday, August 30, 2010

swing card

I cased this card from Grace at Th-INK-ing of You.  I have had this stamp for quite some time but had forgotten about it until she blogged about it and I dug mine out and made a card for my niece.  Thank you Grace!  I know mine is a little different and I used the branch the bird is sitting on for my surrounding decoration on the card instead of another stamp or design paper but all in all it didn't turn out so bad.  I hope Missy likes it.

swing card