Saturday, October 23, 2010

Such a beautiful day

It has been such a beautiful day today.  The temperature was about 79 and a slight breeze and it was an absolutely perfect day to be outside.  The sunset tonight was so glorious!  It was golden and orange streaks across the sky which were glowing - and of course I was in Pigeon Forge with no camera with me!  I had taken Angel to Pigeon Forge to get some different socks for "crazy sock and hat" day at school Monday.  She is such a little stinker and she is growing up way to fast.  When Blair got married and moved out and Christopher was only here occasionally Angel came into my office one day and propped her little chin up on my chair arm and announced "Nana, I'm going to live with you because you don't have any children here now and you need a child", and she has pretty well been here since!  She goes to her Dad's a few days thru the week and she is here the rest of the time.  Her Mom just lives up the hill from me and she goes up there to visit and check things out but comes back down here within an hour or two - she sometimes brings her two younger sisters with her and sometimes not.

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