Friday, September 28, 2012

I killed my memory card in my camera

I had family reunion pics and a bunch of other stuff on my camera memory card and for some reason it will not upload onto my computer and now when I put the memory card back into my camera it says "picture error" and won't show anything!  I have no earthly idea what I have done to it.  I had some pictures of the hummingbirds perched on a little bush next to my porch.  They are the cutest little things, one of them is a lot larger than the others and he has the green back and wings and then there are the tiny, tiny little ones which are a soft grey on their bellies and a little darker grey on their backs and wings.  When they are perched on the feeder they sometimes make the funniest little noise.  I had never realized that the hummingbirds make a chirping noise.  I really don't know who to ask about the memory card and if there is any possible way to retrieve the pictures on it, I may try taking it to Staples tomorrow to see what they can figure out, if anything.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Adjusting to lifestyle changes

Marc has had a cutback in his job which is going to be a $400 a month cut in our monthly income.  I know it may not sound like a lot of money to some people but it is to us.  I am trying not to worry about it because I know that God has always provided and always will! 

It has been a beautiful couple of mornings here with the weather cooling down.  I have been watching the little hummingbirds on the feeder on my front porch and they are so cute and tiny, some of them are only about 1 1/2 to 2 inches long!  If something that small isn't concerned why should I be?  I have to remember what the Bible says about worry and just keep praying and keep going and enjoy all the beauty that God puts here for us each and every day!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Elizabeth O. Dulemba's new printed book

I have added a link to Elizabeth O. Dulemba's page on this blog.  I have downloaded several of her coloring pages and have some Christmas cards using a couple of her drawings that I am going to post a little later.  Her pages are great to use for children's busy time and also for adults to use.  I have recommended her pages to everyone in my family and my friends who have children or grandchildren who like to color and I am honored to recommend her site on my blog!  Please check out her site and her new printed book.