Monday, October 27, 2014

One of the smiling faces that light my most cloudy days!

This is Alexander at 6 months old.  He is the happiest little man, and he simply charms everyone he meets, and just melts my heart!!  He has come a long way from the below picture to this.

He is only a tiny bit spoiled and I truly thank God every day for such a precious gift!!  When we take him out we have strangers stop us and say he beautiful he is - and he just smiles from ear to ear, I always wonder if they can see God's love shining out of his little face.  All babies are a blessing and I love and cherish all my children and grandchildren and I would not trade any of them for anything and I thank God for sharing them with us and try to let them know how much I love them every day!


  1. What an adorable little man, such a precious face. Thank you, Lenoria, for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. I wish and yours a happy and healthy holiday season.

  2. Well how CUTE is this Little! You have reason to be proud~

  3. So precious ...yes, grands are such blessings!