Friday, February 22, 2013

Jacque's Sunday Sweet Stuff

I have finally been able to get the banner for Jacque's Sunday Sweet Stuff on my sidebar.  Jacque is such a cool woman, even though I have never met her in person she has answered a lot of questions I have sent her!  She has some of the most gorgeous cards and also offers sweet stuff to enter to win - so please check out her blog at


  1. You asked what kind of paper I use for envelopes. I used to make envelopes for odd shaped cards using just plain white printer paper. I have also used thin cardstock in a pinch. Mostly I just make a box these days. Then if it is going in the mail, I just slip it down inside a padded envelope and send it on it's way. It costs a little more but I just feel better about it. Sorry I wasn't more help!

  2. Thank you Glenda, and it is a big help and answers my question exactly. I hope you are staying warm and dry this morning with our winter wonderland outside!