Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Alexander taking bottle after not having one for almost a week

This is Angel feeding Alexander formula after he has been off feeding for almost a week!  In this picture most of his tubing has been removed and he is awake and looking around.  He was given 2 ounces at this feeding and has kept everything down well.  We got news after this that they were going to take the PICC line out of his belly button tonight (Tuesday) and he will possibly be put into a room on the floor and get out of PICU tomorrow (Wednesday).  This is wonderful news and means that he is doing better and will hopefully be home soon.  Prayers are answered and he is one that we can actually hold!  We have not been able to pick him up or hold him since Thursday of last week and only for a few hours then and had not held him since Sunday before that.  I have a feeling he may be slightly spoiled when we get him home since he has only been home about 17 hours since being born.

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