Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Mother's Birthday

Today would have been my Mother's 96th birthday had she still been here on earth with us.  She passed away in 1988, so it has been several years, but I miss her still and sometimes wish she were still here to laugh with or share a hug with.  She was a very special lady and there is no way I could ever hold a candle to her.  She cooked breakfast every single day, worked in the fields, milked cows - by hand, cooked dinner and supper, cleaned the dishes and the house, and kept all us kids and Daddy in clean clothes, and she never complained!!  She was made of very tough stock and compared to her I am a wimp - but my defense is that nowdays we don't have to be that strong and we as women have a different support role to play and most work outside the home and still have to do various things around the home and keep it going.  My Mother and my little Mamaw are two of the strongest women I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  So, on that note - Happy Birthday to my Mother and you will live in my heart and the hearts of all your family forever!

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